(631) 874-1684

Director of Business Administration and District Treasurer 
Michelle Romanosky
(631) 874-1679 

Assistant Business Manager and Purchasing Agent
Jenn Schildkraut
Bắn cá mập (631) 874-1696 

Purchasing Agent
Robert Clark
(631) 874-1759 

Payroll Office
Shanneikqua Tolliver
(631) 874-1108
Teresa Jackson
Bắn cá mập (631) 874-1134

Accounts Payable
Carolyn Visintin
(631) 874-1117
Lisa Parris
(631) 874-1723 

Food Services
Lisa Huemmer
(631) 874-1678

Deborah Pfister
(631) 874-1105 

Office Secretaries
Danielle Gelman
(631) 874-1555
Kathy Goehle
Bắn cá mập (631) 874-1102

State Representatives

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District News

Coronavirus Informational Updates

Bắn cá mậpPlease bookmark this page and visit it often to see regular updates regarding the public health crisis pertaining to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

medical symbol of a snake around a staff with a blue six-sided medical symbol

The William Floyd School District has been closely monitoring reports about the new coronavirus, COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). The William Floyd School District DOES NOT have any cases of COVID-19, and there is no identified risk to the William Floyd School District community at this time.

person jumping from 2019-2020 with a WF symbol in the middle

Below is a 2019 “Year in Review” recapping some of the things that happened over the past 12 months! This list is designed to reflect and look back upon many of the positive things that occurred throughout the past year in the William Floyd School District. They are in no particular order. Enjoy!