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Please see a letter below from Superintendent of Schools Kevin M. Coster along with a list of questions and answers pertaining to the New York State COVID-19 testing requirements to remain open for in-person learning in the event that the district or any of its schools enter a COVID-19 microcluster zone. There is also a consent/refusal form for your child(ren) to be tested.

Bắn cá mậpDear William Floyd school community:

I hope this communication finds you and your families well. This has been a school year like no other and we are doing all that we can to stay open to in-person learning for as long as it is safe and possible. The data has shown, and our government officials and health experts have agreed, that the spread of COVID-19 is not happening within schools, but rather it seems to be taking place within the community. The district’s strategy of desk shields, masks, cleaning and sanitizing, social distancing, daily temperature checks and reduced density due to the full-remote option has been working. Through three months of school, we have had 65 cases that have been reported within our 10 schools, among them many from the same households and some being all-virtual students. Please continue to notify your school’s main office in the event your child tests positive for COVID-19, even if you are keeping them home, this way thorough contact tracing continues to occur.

As you likely have heard, Governor Cuomo has instituted a . As part of this initiative, the Governor is requiring schools located within a state designated yellow zone microclusterBắn cá mập to test 20% of in-person students and staff members over a two-week period to stay open. Although our community is not in a microcluster now, that could change at any moment and we need to be prepared. There are also more stringent orange and red zone microclusters.

We are dedicated to in-person learning and keeping our schools open safely, but should we enter a yellow, orange or red microcluster zone, Governor Cuomo is requiring certain percentages of in-person staff and students to be tested. If we enter a microcluster zone, we will need your help to stay open in the form of COVID-19 testing for your child(ren). Rest assured that testing is by parental consent only and we will never test your child(ren) without permission.

It is for this reason that we are asking parents/guardians of in-person students to fill out the Consent/Refusal to Test for COVID-19 form (English/SpanishBắn cá mập). Please fill out and return the form to your teacher or your school’s main office and complete separate forms for each child who attends in-person school. Please fill out this form either way – whether you consent to testing or refuse testing for your child(ren). We will also be sending paper copies of the form home with your child(ren) in the coming days. You can also print the form.

Bắn cá mậpPlease continue to follow the guidelines of our health department and government officials such as wearing a mask, staying socially distant, coughing/sneezing in the crook of your elbow and washing your hands frequently.

Below are some frequently asked questions. Additionally, you can always email any COVID-19 questions to or call the confidential tip/coronavirus hotline at 631-874-1200.


Kevin M. Coster
Superintendent of Schools

Bắn cá mập The questions and answers set forth below are based on the current guidance from NYS as of December 3, 2020, but are fluid and subject to change.

What would happen if our community is designated a microcluster and placed in the yellow zone?
If the COVID-19 infection rate reaches the “yellow zone” threshold in our community as determined by the state, the district would be required to test 20% of in-person students and staff over a two-week period to keep our schools open to in-person learning. If this testing reveals an infection rate below the seven-day average infection rate of the designated zone, we would be allowed to continue in-person instruction within our schools and no longer be required to continue testing. However, if the infection rate in our schools exceeds that of the yellow zone, we would be required to transition to fully-remote instruction.

What happens if we are unable to get 20% of our in-school population tested?
Bắn cá mập The governor has mandated that schools in designated yellow zone microclusters cannot stay open to in-person instruction if they do not get 20% of the in-person population of students and staff to consent to COVID-19 testing. This would necessitate a transition to fully-remote instruction.

What happens if we enter an orange or red zone?
Schools in orange or red zones are no longer required to close, but they will be required to conduct weekly testing. Schools in orange zones will be required to test 20% of in-person students and staff over the course of a month and schools in red zones will be required to test 30% of in-person students and staff over the course of a month. 

Does my child have to be tested? Is it required?
It is not required, but if the district enters a yellow zone, we would need to test at least 20% of in-person students and staff over a two-week period along results being less than the seven-day average in that particular zone in order to stay open. If 20% do not consent, then we will be forced to transition to all remote learning. We are asking parents/guardians of in-person students to fill out the consent form (English/Spanish), which will help ascertain whether we will be able to reach the 20% testing requirement. Again, please fill out one form for each in-person student. Please fill out the form even if you are not giving permission for your child(ren) to be tested.

Who will be tested? How often?
Staff members and students will be tested. Rest assured, we will only test students whose parent/guardian has given express written permission by filling out this form (English/Spanish). If you consent to your child(ren) getting tested, your child(ren) may be tested multiple times for the remainder of this school year ending June 30, 2021.

What happens if I agree to testing and my child tests positive?
In the case of a positive test result, we will call a parent/guardian immediately and that child will need to be picked up from school and remain at home until the criteria to return to school (according to state and local guidelines) is met; and while at home, children must continue to do school work virtually.

How will I know the result of a test?
If a child tests positive, the parent/guardian will be notified immediately. All results will also be posted under the health section of the Parent Portal.

Who will be doing the testing?
Bắn cá mập Should testing be required, it will be conducted by the district’s registered nurses under the guidance of the Suffolk County Department of Health.

Which test will you use?
Should testing be required, the test that will be used is the BinaxNOW rapid test. The FDA describes it as a sterile swab similar to a Q-tip inserted less than one inch into the nostril and rotated five times or more against the nasal wall, which will then be repeated in the other nostril. You can read about the BinaxNOW rapid test at the .

Please keep an eye out for the Consent/Refusal form and return it to your child’s teacher or main office as soon as possible. Again, you can also print the form (English/Spanish).


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